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The building industry has burgeoned into a new and exciting world in the past 20 years, showcasing an extremely fast paced progression of materials.  We know how complex and confusing this amount of information can be.  At BenSaw we take the mystery out of these eventual important and timely project decisions by providing front loaded situational coaching and continued education along the way. 


Whether it’s frame-to-finish, fabricate-to-install, or consult-to-execute, our process supports, challenges, and rewards our clients and our team equally.  At BenSaw we understand the integral and inclusive nature of the client driven project and from the beginning to end our client/contractor team is one team in lockstep moving forward to the end goal of delivering a high quality product.


BenSaw Craftsmen LLC. was launched in March of 2023 with a focus aimed at building high quality homes, managing thoughtful additions/renovations, and providing elevated house needs including custom cabinetry and fine woodworking elements in an efficient and affordable manner.  There is a balance between the experienced capabilities of our team and the financial wishes of our clients.  We understand fully that it is as important to nail that balance as it is to produce the finest results

Tanner Revoir - Founder

      At an early age, Tanner learned to appreciate wood as a material. He was intrigued at the sight of his father and local community members gathering for the raising of his childhood timber frame home and equally impressed with the nature of how these milled timbers joined together effortlessly. That inspiration never dulled.

      After spending several years in Alaska and earning his college degree, Tanner and his then fiancé Kara, headed back home to the east coast to start their family together. After returning from Alaska, Tanner joined Newschool Builders, now one of the top building firms in Vermont.  After 11 impactful years he set his aim on using his knowledge to open his own business, BenSaw Craftsmen, named after his 2 sons Bennett and Sawyer. 

      Tanner and his now wife Kara, who owns an engineering firm in central Vermont, along with the two young boys all live together in Duxbury.  His emphasis is on teamwork and value-balanced decision making, championing high quality home builds and remodels, cabinetry, and woodworking.  These areas of expertise are the bread and butter of BenSaw. 

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