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The seasoned and tested BenSaw Craftsmen team knows homes.  Having built fully-automated large scale year round residences to small energy-efficient, low embodied carbon material based vacation homes in compliance with differing levels of Efficiency Vermont standards, there is a high level of experienced understanding and application that is inherent in our process.  We source and use resilient, yet cost effective materials, that are created in the most efficient possible way to accord with these standards and provide an immeasurable creature comfort.  Architect designed homes with seamless client/builder buy in is our focus when building new homes.   


No different than new homes, additions and renovations require extreme attention to detail.  The seamless interaction from the “old space” to the “new space” is paramount in our construction ethos. We combine proven modern building science concepts with time tested construction methods to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded, value-balanced approach to our projects.


BenSaw Craftsmen, at it's core, understands the vast amount of decisions that you will make throughout our shared process. Whether it be installing a new entryway floor in your aging home, fabricating and installing the mudroom custom built-in that will take that same space from beautiful to functional, or the construction of your new home that you dream of everyday as you walk through the old mudroom and across the outdated floor that you have been longing to leave behind.  This experience allows for trust and a sequential approach to accomplishing the goals of the team regardless of how small or grand.

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